Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Is Prince Charming

The idea for this blog came from watching a movie. It was a movie with romantic undertones to it. I’m not afraid to admit, among many other things, I am a romantic at heart. The main character in the movie was a man who possessed many desirable qualities. Manly qualities. But not on a 'movie' level where the main character is portrayed in a desirable light with unachievable traits because either his life is perfect or the sequence of events in the movie are so perfect that it is unbelievable to think it could happen in real life. No. This main character had his faults. But he was a decent guy. He was an honest guy. He was a hardworking and motivated guy. He was one of those genuine people you meet in the world that make you just want to be a better person yourself. And that’s where I’m at. In my life and my situation it was the right movie at the right time. I know at this point you may want to just scream “bloody tell us the movie already” but I won’t. I don’t want it to take away from this message. But I’ll include it later in a list of movies for for guys to watch (that girls already love). And please no … it’s not the Notebook (that’s way too sappy for me).

My goal is not to become the character but to make myself and others better men and to share what I’ve learned and experienced along the way, possibly answering a few of your questions in the process to help you through whatever you may be going through. It’s also to share a guy’s insight with girls: the good, the bad, the downright evil and the hope for the future. Love is a process … but a process involved with many chances, some really good timing, and a little bit of magic. It takes work and it takes putting yourself out on an uncomfortable ledge every now and then and just leaping. Every one falls … every one gets hurt … but you just have to keep taking the chance and hoping someone catches you.

As for me I’ve been the quiet guy. I’ve been the overly nice pushover. I turned myself into the asshole (because it got me laid). I became the player. And I’ve made many countless mistakes in love and relationships. But none of it was who I wanted to be. I’ve always wanted to just be a nice guy who did what I enjoyed and hoped people liked me for it. I wanted to be the successful, motivated man who was charming because I wanted people to feel good about themselves not because I had an ulterior motive. And then I realized who I wanted to be inside was who I am. I just had to work on it.

Maybe you’ll read this site and think I’m full of it or just plain crazy. Or maybe you’ll see a transformation and find something out about yourself in the process. All I can do is write what I see and feel and hope it brings something to you.

-The Boy Next Door

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